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Miracle Fitness is a fitness training company specializing in Fitness Boot Camps for men and women in the South East of London. This is the boot camp everyone’s talking about, literally. It is our belief that fitness is achievable and with our ‘yes I can’ approach a fit lifestyle can be yours too.


The Boot Camp is open to all fitness levels and abilities.

This is not a Military Boot Camp.


Our boot camps are designed to be enjoyable while creating the necessary fitness changes. Anyone can take part. The boot camps are designed to get you fit and fab in the shortest time possible, whilst creating the mindset to maintain a fit lifestyle for the future. Our comprehensive program concentrates on Cardiovascular Training, Strength Training, Co-ordination, Endurance and Nutrition which comes in the form of drills and resistance exercises.




Fernando Lee and his team of instructors will put you through your paces. Fernando is a Personal Trainer with the approach that's right for you. He is certified in a number of areas, not limited to, Exercise to Music, Spin, Pilates, Supple Strength, Step, Pre-Natal and Post-Natal Exercise, Advanced Resistance Training, Nutrition and the Exerciser, Exercise and the Older Adult, Fitness Assessment, and the list just goes on.


Fernando has worked for several years in many of those gyms that you see on the High Street. One of his specialities is Group Exercise and through his fantastic fitness bootcamp, it really shows that you are the one that matters most!


Calling upon his years of experience, you the individual is never forgotten. You get the workout, but the workout that's right for you. There is something new to learn at every camp and he is never shy of imparting his knowledge to you. Fernando's energy is enormous and his manner allows you to rise to the challenge.

Get fit outdoors

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