Here's a great reason to join our Bootcamp and get fit!

Read this email from our Bootcamper Evey, received on 26th September 2012:


It was my Birthday yesterday. I am 52 years young. I say young because I feel younger, fitter and healthier than I did 20 years ago. I can run faster, jump higher and crunch harder. My body is firmer and my skin is holding back the wrinkles.


I joined boot camp just over three years ago. I remember always toddling at the back, gasping for breath. Fernando was telling me constantly that I could run faster, but I always used my Asthma as an excuse. Funny, he always ignored my complaints of chest pain and lack of breath - he just kept on pushing me to run faster.


I hated the first 2 months, I felt sluggish and frustrated. But, I had tried all other exercise options over the past 30 years, and though I exercised regularly, my overall fitness level never improved and neither did my body tone. I was determined this time to stick with it. My motivation was my 50th birthday party: I had just over a year to get myself in shape. So, through the sunshine, rain, snow, frost and sometime blizzards, I stuck with it.


I looked great on my 50th birthday but I looked even better on my 52nd. I am determined to feel and look younger with each passing year. Miracle fitness is the best birthday present I could ever have.

Big thanks to Miracle Fitness and of course Fernando.



Bootcamp Information


This page contains all of the initial info you will need to know and also how to obtain further information. The Bootcamp Package and the Supple Strength Package (Yoga & Pilates) is what everyone's talking about and from our testimonials you'll see that our clients swear by it because of the fitness results and the results we know that you will love too.


Our Boot Camp locations are:


Beckenham/Penge, Brockley, Croydon, Crystal Palace, Dulwich, Forest Hill, Blackheath, Herne Hill, Honor Oak, Sydenham Bootcamps.


For further information on days, times, locations, and costs, please email

or contact us via our contact page.


For Pilates and Yoga (Supple Strength) click  here.


For further information on days, times, locations, and costs, please email

or contact us via our contact page.




The Bootcamp Package



The objectives of our bootcamps for you are to

Reverse the effects of being unfit by getting you moving.


Lose fat

Tone muscles

Improve general strength and fitness

Improve nutrition

Improve cardio fitness

Make fitness fun

Make fitness part of your daily routine


Some of the exciting things to look forward to on the boot camp include:


Nutrition Info to your inbox

Weight Loss Tips to your inbox

Exercise Tips focusing on form and technique to your inbox

Motivational Tips to your inbox


You can also have a look at the FAQ’s page which is filled with useful information.

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